Victorian Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs Colorado

Victorian Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs Colorado

As a city older than 100 years, there is a section of town with Victorian Style Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs Colorado.  Perhaps a little history of the City would be helpful though:

While the area’s first inhabitants were American Indians, with the Louisiana Purchase more Anglo-American explorers and settlers began to venture west.

Following Zebulon Pike's now famous expedition as he traveled through the area Victorian Style Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs Coloradoand “discovered” Pikes Peak, there came a settlement known as Colorado City (now called Old Colorado City) which became a territorial capital and waystation for explorers and miners headed to the mountains West of Denver. In 1869, a new era began in Colorado Springs' history when Civil War hero General William Jackson Palmer founded the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and bought land to create the town of Colorado Springs as a stopping point along its route. The rest is history (or future) as Colorado Springs began to grow into a Victorian spa resort town. In the 1890's this growth exploded with the Cripple Creek gold strike in the mountains Southwest of the City -one of the largest and most profitable mineral strikes in the history of the state of Colorado.

Cutler Hall- Colorado CollegeBefore that though, in 1874, the Congregational Church founded Colorado College, the oldest college in Colorado Springs. From that location (10 blocks from downtown) to the center of town, most of the home building began and then following the discovery of gold more buildings sprang up on the meadows and fields North of the college. Since Colorado Springs was the closest major city to the Cripple Creek gold fields, the “Springs” became a bustling hub of financial and supply activity.

A large number mostly two or three-story homes were built in a brief period of Victorian Style Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs Coloradotime, all reflecting a common Victorian architectural style. The gold wealth provided the money to make most of these homes more ornate and decorative. Thus, the Old North End is filled with elaborate wooden verandas, bay windows, complex wooden decorative work around doors and windows, an occasional circular wooden cupola, and ornate cut-glass and beveled glass windows.

Victorian Style Homes For Sale in Colorado Springs ColoradoWhile many of these homes along Nevada and along Wood Avenues are of the extravagant style and would be classified by most as mansions, there are also a lot of more modest homes on the streets surrounding this neighborhood. In response to the architectural flamboyance of the huge Victorian homes, there came the Craftsman movement which emphasized simplicity and clean lines rather than the ornate decorations which graced the larger homes.

If you are looking for Victorian Style Homes in Colorado Springs Colorado, you will be in generally looking at homes priced from the upper $300,000's to as much as $700,000. Many of these homes have been beautifully updated both structurally and aesthetically, including wiring, plumbing and with other amenities. Many of the kitchens are nicely modernized with granite counters and modern appliances, but the best remodels have maintained much of the original flooring (where possible) and built in carpentry like china cabinets and bookshelves. Wherever possible, the original woodwork has been restored, including crown molding, baseboards and trim and any updating would reflect the original era style.

While Victorian Style Homes for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado are not for every buyer,craftsman%20home.jpg for a select segment of folks, there is an appeal to buying and living in a home with a rich history and elegant past. If you are in that category of home buyer, I can help you find the perfect Victorian. Please feel free to call or email me at I will get back to you promptly and provide you with discreet, excellent service and resources.




13333 Elbert,
Peyton, CO 80831


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MLS® #6545434 MLS® # 6545434 (Active)


425 E Ellicott,
Calhan, CO 80808


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MLS® #9845640 MLS® # 9845640 (Active)


Highway 94,
Colorado Springs, CO 80930


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6 Bed

8.0 Bath


12795 Oak Cliff,
Colorado Springs, CO 80908


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5 Bed

7.0 Bath


541 W Diamond A Ranch,
Carbondale, CO 81623


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MLS® #1128223 MLS® # 1128223 (Active)

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